The Curriculum 

Vitae of Marcin Opacki


I, that being Marcin Opacki, am an assistant professor (which is the official, but somewhat inaccurate translation of the Polish word "adiunkt") of Linguistics at the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Modern Languages, Institute of English Studies, Section of Linguistics), where I teach Syntax 101, Linguistics 101, Computational Linguistics, and Modern Syntactic Theories. 

My field of expertise, and concurrently my research focus, is Formal Syntax and Corpus Linguistics. While I am quite content to study these subjects for their own sake, I am also interested in their application in Psycholinguistics, Language and Communication Analytics, Educational Research, Language Teaching Methodology, and Electronic Media Localization and Translation. 


  • 2016 – University of Warsaw – Ph.D. (thesis title – Reconsidering Early Bilingualism. A Corpus-Based Study of Polish Migrant Children in the United Kingdom).
  • 2011 – University of Warsaw – M.A. (thesis title - The Influence of Typological Features on Stylometric Text Classification);

Career as a linguist:


Other Work:

  • Since 2017 - Copy Editor for the Journal of Language Modelling (ICS PAS).
  • Since 2016 - Co-Chair of the University Council Exam Committee within the The University Council for the Certification of Language Proficiency;
  • Since 2016 - Secretary of the POWER Kadry 3.4 project initiative dedicated to Faculty Training;
  • 2007 - Freelance Translation, Localization, and Editing work commissioned by CD-Projekt RED.