Extra Syntax Class on Thurdsay

Due to the fact that my Friday syntax groups have missed a class (thus being at a disadvantage relative to the remaining groups), an Extra Syntax Class will take place on Thursday.

The details:

date - May 23rd 2019;

room - 228;

time - 9:45.

I know we have discussed a different time, but unfortunately, NO other timeslots/rooms were available whatsoever on that day (and I'm not available on the others).

The class is primarily intended for students from the two Friday groups (who will be doing the “mock final” exercise) and priority seating will be given to them in the unlikely event that we exceed the maximum occupancy of the venue. That being said, if anyone has an issue to discuss, I will be available for a short (and, due to other appointments, I DO mean short!) period after the extra classes.