Final Test Results

Dear All,

I have entered your final test results into the USOS. Everyone who passed can now take the Syntax Exam.

Please note (since there were questions about this) that we, the examiners, did hold (as we do every year) a meeting before the actual grading to establish grading outlines and rules hence

and ANY and all differences in terms of curriculum (approaches to trees, naming and definition of tests, etc.) that might have emerged between groups WERE taken into account.

Basically, every group was graded based on what it was taught; and, when in doubt, decisions were always made IN FAVOR of the student.


I would like everyone to check their USOS to see if the grade is there. If you have taken the final and your grade is missing for some reason,

e-mail me ASAP.

Congratulations and condolences,

Marcin Opacki