FTP Access

Dear Students,

Just a reminder that some of you did not get the password to the FTP server of their respective class (MST, LING 101, COMPLING 102). This typically happens when an invalid e-mail address was previously entered into one's USOS account.

If you are among those people, and you still don't have the login credentials, either get one from one of your classmates (and this is the preferred solution) or contact me via e-mail or the contact form.

Remember that all relevant materials (handouts, presentations, required reading, etc.) will be posted to the FTP. As such, access to it is a necessity for success in each of my classes.

As for the e-mail accounts, it is in your best interest to update you USOS e-mail address to a valid one, as this is the channel through which the University’s administration will attempt to reach you should the need arise, and you are required to regularly check those inboxes.