Important announcements for B.A. seminar students

1) Everyone is to continue writing their B.A.'s on their chosen topic (i.e. continue writing beyond the introduction). When your consultation date is due, send in what you have written before attending. Try to research and write as much as possible.

2) Our following four classes are to be attended only by those students who have scheduled individual consultations.

3) Students that have not scheduled individual consultations should do so asap. The available dates are (YYYY/MM/DD): 2019/12/03 (3 slots), 2019/12/10 (4 slots).

4) If you do not secure a consultation slot, you will have to consult your B.A. during my duty hours (which have now been updated).

5) Remember to prepare a list of questions/doubts/issues related to your work and submit these at least one day before your scheduled consultation.