Introling and Compling Activities

Two new online activities have just been unlocked.

The first of these is the "Scientific Method and Survey Design" quiz, which intended for the 8 ECTS elective "Introduction to Computational Linguistics" and worth course credit points. The second is the first in a series non-mandatory of "Introduction to Linguistics" (Linguistics 101) practice quizzes. The central theme of the latter is "The Origins and Features of Natural Language".

Homework Reminders:

Introduction to Linguistics Group - Assignment 1, Signs (the relevant handout is now available on the FTP);

Modern Syntactic Theories - improve the constituency-based tree diagram designed by yourselves in class using the binary projection constraint in the handout (see: FTP);

Introduction to Computational Linguistics - (1) design an online survey (optionally using conditional logic); (2) fill out the abovementioned Online Quiz.