MF Assignment Results

The Syntax 101 mock final assignment results are now available on the Syntax FTP server.

Statuses and recommendations are given in place of scores. An "OK" or "EXCELLENT" status indicates readiness to take the final, whereas the former does suggest that certain improvements can still be made.

Individuals who have attained an "EXCELLENT" status can consider themselves as having the mandate to tutor other students for the final and are encouraged to do so.

The "IT IS HIGH TIME TO STUDY" status should be self-explanatory. Please note that this status does not necessarily mean potential test failure, but rather unsatisfactory performance that should be improved (i.e. a borderline result close to failure is also marked as “IIHTTS”).

We will discuss general error tendencies in class. Students who would like to talk about their respective works in detail are encouraged to come to my duty hours.