New Course Completion Option

Having given the matter some consideration, I have decided to introduce an additional option for satisfying the course requirements of both MST and COMPLING. As all course participants should be aware, up until now everyone needed to either (1) write a final paper or (2) give a presentation on a selected approved topic in addition to (3) taking a final online test.

Henceforth, let it be known that the paper or presentation requirement (1 and 2) can be satisfied by ONE chosen assignment from among those with which you have been tasked during your corresponding course (again MST or COMPLING). This means that those students who are disinclined to write a paper now have the option to submit one of their assignments (the 5% activities) to fill the 40% slot of their coursework. The assignment will occupy both slots simultaneously (i.e. it will still be part on the 5% contribution to the data point of the average, but it will also work to fill the “term paper” slot).

This solution is intended to, on the one hand, facilitate life for those attendees who are not dedicated linguists and, on the other hand, spare me the soul-crushing drudgery of reading a slew papers laboriously churned out through compulsion devoid of volition and enthusiasm.

With all this in place, those participants who are genuinely passionate about the subjects discussed will retain the option to express themselves via a standard term paper. Furthermore, everyone will still have to take the online final (30% of the grade) for the purpose of operationalizing individual variation.

Please note that should you decide to nominate an “Activity” class assignment to fill in the “Term Paper” class slot, the “Activity” assignment CANNOT be a group task. This information should be self-evident, but I feel that it would be best to explicate it nonetheless.

To illustrate, consider the table below. As of now, the W slot can be filled by a clone of any value between A and P.

Activity 1 (mean, 5%)

Activity 2(mean, 5%)

Activity 3 (mean, 5%)

Activity 4(mean, 5%)

Participation(total mean, 10%)

Final Test

(raw 30%)

Term Paper

(raw 40%)





mean(Q …. U)