Practical Exercises on PCs and Handout Info

1. Provide a Laptop/Notebook PC for your group

We will be doing some practical exercises using software during the two to three following classes. These will be group exercises.

Please try to make sure that each group has access to at least one laptop (with MS Excel installed; preferably 2010 or newer; and preferably the English version). While we can use institute laptops, those are quire unpredictable in terms of software.

2. The Stat_EX_1 handout

Bring this handout for next class and the class after that. Fill it out as your learn things (or just complete it if you already know them). The handouts will be due (as group work, so one representative handout per group of 3, signed by all members) in two classes (i.e. once we are done with stat preliminaries, but before we begin Corpus Linguistics).