Syntax Final Test results

Dear All,

The Syntax Final Test results have been entered (by me among others) into the USOS.
A passing grade means that you are eligible to take the Syntax Exam.

I would like to extend a particular congratulations to group 10 (Friday 12:00), which obtained the highest number of 5!-s.

For those who failed the test, the date of the retake will be announced in due course (i.e. I will let you know via USOS-mail and via the website as soon as I know). Also, as a nice consolation mechanism, remember that exam results are a measure of progress, not skill.

If I find the time (though I cannot make any promises here) I might post a blog entry about the most common errors as well; but at this time, I am swamped (primarily by writing grant reports to various agencies and reviewing articles; there are 21 items on my "to-do" list at this time which are more pressing due to the consequences of not meeting the deadlines).

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that, due to the fact that the Exam is on Tuesday, duty hours will be cancelled on that day (since I can't act like a discrete long distance dependency and be at two places at once)

Congratulations and condolences,