Upcoming corpora exercises (and some software recommendations)


The Compling group is requested to go to Laurence Anthony's website, download AntConc, and familiarize themselves with the interface of the aforementioned software.


Once we are done with the national corpus exercises that we are doing now [one more class], we will be moving onto more elaborate corpus design exercises and it would be great if everyone got the feel of the software.
I also highly recommend checking out the other software packages designed by Laurence Anthony, especially AntWord profiler (if you want to do basic stylometrics) and TagAnt (for basic POS annotation).


Those of you who are interested in more serious stylometric text classification, can check out JGAAP from EVL Labs designed by Patrick Juola and his team. This is the software that I once used for some of my work.

For some more nice linguistic analysis, I would recommend Nooj from Max Silberztein.