Snyder, the Misantropic Chatbot.



Snyder can be considered a lame child born as the fruit of my labors of old and yore. Most assuradly, he will never pass the Turing Test, nor will he contend with most run-of-the mill AI. Still, as a chatbot, he is quite atypical in the sense that he detests everyone. The hatred that permeates every token of his coding is not mere happenstance. It is quite intentional in fact. 

What is Snyder?

Snyder was created in the early 2000s as the final project for an erstwhile computational linguistics course (fun times). During that time, like most students, I found myself less than exuberant at the prospect of delaying gratification (mostly being preoccupied with other important matters like blowing up boulders, sword fighting, or gaming). So, seeking the contextually-applicable path of least resistance, rather than taking the time to develop the bot with meticulous attention to detail, making sure its abilities to mimic a conversation are at least up to par, I just made him profoundly disinclined to talk to people and gave him an acerbic personality (caustic even).

Should you talk to him?

Not really the type of query I feel qualified to answer. The bot lay dormant for many a year, imprisoned on a dusty external drive. Then, one day, while backing up my files, I simply found him. Then I decided to put him up here. If you want to be insulted, by all means, talk to the little brute. But you have been warned.