The aim of the FLEC (Foreign Languages Examinations Corpus) project is to develop a comprehensive learner corpus with data from a variety of languages (among the English, Polish, French, Russian, German, and Italian) and proficiency levels (from primary to tertiary education). We envision the corpus as a "chart" or "map" of learner language development. 

Our objective is to develop an advanced analytical tool with multi-layered annotation, both linguistic (phonology, morpho-syntax, semantics, etc.) as well as pedagogical (errors, cross-linguistic influences, etc.). As such, it will be of use to both researchers of learner language as well as practitioners and students. Currently, the corpus can pretty much be classified as a "work-in-progress" project.

If you are a co-developer of the Foreign Languages Examinations Corpus (FLEC) or a researcher associated with the project, you may log in here to view or edit the project's resources.


Project contact people:

Romuald Gozdawa-Gołębiowski <r.gozdawa[at]>

Marcin Opacki <marcin.opacki[at]>