To fully incorporate the spirit and principle of blended learning into my courses, I relegate a significant portion of course matter to an electronic platform. This section of my website is, in a sense, a cross-roads to the electronic part of the blended learning experience. Below one can access my repository of teaching materials, including reading exercises, homework assignments, quizzes, and tests. A user password is required to access the course-related files on each course's FTP server share. All passwords are given in class and are valid throughout one semester.

Activities and Tests

101 (Fundamental) Courses


Below you will find all currently available online tests, quizzes and activities. Their availability depends on the semester.

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An introductory course in Linguistics designed to instruct the aspiring adept in the fundamentals of the Study of Language.

An introductory course in Formal Syntax conceived as an intellectual exercise for eager fledgling linguists (and less than exuberant philologists of other majors). The course focuses on the classic Generativist paradigm (Government and Binding and Minimalism).

201 (Advanced) Courses

These courses are typically unlocked upon the completion of the two fundamental-level courses (or two points spent on the tree), meaning that they are intended for at least sophomore students.

Currently unavailable.


Unlocked: winter semester 2018.

Available: winter semester, 2018.

Unlocked: summer semester, 2018.

Unlocked: winter semester, 2018.

Unlocked: winter semester, 2018.

This course presents an overview of the field of computational linguistics. It covers key concepts and techniques used in a variety of natural language processing applications and presents computational tools employed in linguistic research, lexicography, translation and language pedagogy. Particular emphasis will be placed on corpus linguistics and its application in the study of natural language.

Unlocked: winter semester, 2018.

An immediate extension of the fundamental Syntax course which introduces more advanced concepts related to Formal Grammar Theory and its use in natural language analysis. The course is conceived as a comparative overview of contemporary parsing theories (GB, MP, HPSG, LFG) of various types (rule-based, constraint-based, phrase-structure, dependency, etc.).